mg’s philosophy

Mackenzie Glanville is a freelance writer, author, mum, university graduate, and so much more. She is the creator, head writer, editor and designer of the successful blog Reflections From Me. Her blogs are empowering, reflective, and vary between sad, hilariously funny, and just plain wacky, basically a reflection of real life.

Mackenzie’s passion lies with writing and photography. She also dabbles in poetry, although she denies being any good at it.

My philosophy in life is that it doesn’t matter if you are not the greatest poet, writer, photographer alive, what matters is you are living authentically! I don’t believe people should hold themselves back from exploring their passions because they are not highly skilled at something.

For me writing is like breathing fresh air, I need it to survive“.

Mackenzie believes that if you follow your passions and allow yourself to pursue your dreams it will lead you to inner peace and more happiness than you ever believed possible.

Mackenzie is an advocate for human and animal rights, she believes in supporting and inspiring others to follow their dreams. Through her writing and personal challenges she sets for others on Reflections From Me, she hopes to help people find their inner light and truth.

Mackenzie dreams of a world where people feel free to show their truth and wishes to inspire others to create a better life for themselves, and then they may pass it on to others.

For years I denied myself my truth, I put writing in the back of my mind. I felt I was being indulgent, or silly thinking I was a writer. Early 2014, although living with the man of my dreams, having a beautiful home and 3 amazing children I found myself spiralling into personal darkness. I had no idea what was missing, why I was unhappy, why I was suffocating and why I was in constant pain with my stomach and back. Then one day on a walk around the area I live, I stopped. Zen music was playing through my headphones and I started to notice things. The birds, the large gum trees, the cliff, the rocks, the moss, things that were always there, things I could see from my bedroom, yet I had been blind to them.

When I came home from my walk I sat and wrote. I wrote about what I had just experienced in a poem titled “Stone with Moss.’ and suddenly it was like I was breathing again, it felt like I was coming home. The more I wrote, the happier I became.”

In Mackenzie’s blog post ‘Time to come home‘ Mackenzie writes

Inner peace is almost like a ‘coming home‘, it is not somewhere you need to go, to travel to, or to find, it is about realising what was in you all along. It is a feeling of inner strength, coming to understand that you are capable of handling whatever is coming your way. It is about letting go of worries about the future, or regrets from the past, just being in the present moment, nothing needs to be said or done, just feel where you are, and open yourself up to what life is saying to you in the present moment.”

Mackenzie is passionate about empowering women and inspiring others. She also has a Photography Website where she is free to express herself through imagery. Although an amateur she embraces her photography with her whole heart. She believes if you have a passion then you follow it!

Her adorable puppy Holly-Rose also has her own doggy blog, Mackenzie describes it as a bit of fun which is needed in a serious life.

I love that children can share in this, and it is great for a giggle, even for us adults.

Through this website and through all her writing Mackenzie hopes to inspire you to fight for your life, and embrace a healthy and positive future.

Be your own truth

Mackenzie Glanville xx





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