Would you consider going under the knife?

I want to have a body like Salma Hayek and maybe Lily Collin’s nose, or hang on Rachel Mcadams has a cute nose, I wonder if I would look better with bigger boobs, or maybe a little more junk in my trunk (meaning a rounder fuller butt). How do I get hair like Megan Gale??


I was in a meeting recently with a group of women and when it ended we got chatting about botox, some admitted they had tried it, others that they are tempted. For me it was always something I would never do, but as they say never say never. Would I? Wouldn’t I?

Welcome to this weeks Wellness Wednesday, the prompt I have chosen this week is . . .

“Would you consider going under the knife for better figure? Why?”

Scoops of Joy

I always wondered why anyone would be willing to go ‘under the knife’ simply to look better, or hotter, but I guess it’s easy to think that way when you are in your twenties with perky boobs that don’t even require a bra to stay up, a flat stomach void of stretch marks, and no wrinkles in sight. Now approaching 40 and living a crazy busy life, those wrinkles are starting to appear, along with these super attractive bags under my eyes, and it makes me question whether I would consider having work done on my face to look “better”? I guess my attitude isn’t so black and white any more, (gosh why does it feel embarrassing admitting that)?

OK confession time, I am the worlds biggest scardey cat, I hate pain, I actually question whether I have extra nerve endings! Is that even possible? So me willingly volunteering myself for pain, and actually paying a fortune for the pleasure of that pain, um let me think? Actually no I don’t even need to think, I just couldn’t do it, even if I really wanted to. Of course botox is different to going under the knife, it is more a needle. Needles don’t bother me so much, but I guess my wrinkles aren’t bad enough to make me want to temporarily paralyse my facial muscles, not yet anyway.

I believe there are healthy and unhealthy reasons to go ‘under the knife’, and a lot of soul searching should take place before making your decision. Any surgery comes with risks, and not just medical risks, but serious emotional risks too. We have all heard the horror stories of burst breasts and collapsing noses, and we have seen successful results pasted across magazine covers too. I have heard women say that they went in asking for a small C cup only to be talked into a full D, and they end up feeling too self concious to enjoy them.

A girlfriend of mine is currently seriously considering and researching getting breast enhancement surgery, it is something she has been wanting to do for over ten years, and now she has finished breastfeeding she is keen to go ahead. Her husband doesn’t want her to, and I don’t think she needs to, but for her it is a serious body image issue. Her breasts are very small, her chest is almost flat, and I do think she has sensible reasons for wanting it done, for her it is not about wanting large breasts, or attention, it is about wanting to feel more feminine.

Plastic surgery has come a long way and most procedures performed by experienced plastic surgeons can lead to wonderful, life changing results if they are done on people who are emotionally healthy to begin with. If you have serious self-esteem or body issues then having surgery is still likely to leave you feeling dissatisfied with your body image. There is no denying the amazing work that can be done with plastic surgery when it comes to repairing injuries or deformities that once left people afraid to leave the house, surgery can literally give people back their lives. Dana Vulin was a woman in her 20’s when she was brutally attacked, she was left with burns to 60% of her body, and she almost lost her life. With hard work, a fighting spirit and the amazing work of skilled plastic surgeons Dana is now confident to show her face in public. Below are photographs of Dana before and then after the attack, followed by a photograph of her plastic surgery results




When you see these amazing results you can not argue that for some people plastic surgery has wonderful benefits. Surgery changes children’s lives too.


But there is no denying it can go too far!


If you need your breasts redone every year then some therapy may be in order, and sadly I am not joking.

I truly believe so much of it comes down to self esteem, and personal choice. If you do opt to have plastic surgery do your research, visit a counsellor, be careful when selecting the right doctor, check their licence, their references, talk to previous patients, or others who have been through the surgery so you know what to expect. Make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor, and never feel pressured to agree to anything you don’t want done.

For me right now I am happy with who I am. If I get a good sleep, drink plenty of water and commit to some exercise, then I like the way I look. I may not resemble a Victoria’s Secret model (although this doesn’t stop my hubby buying me lingerie), but I am me, and I am beautiful. I love my body because it is the story of my life.

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Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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I would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to comment below, would you have plastic surgery? Have you already? (feel free to post anonymously too)

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5 thoughts on “Would you consider going under the knife?

  1. I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve had plastic surgery twice once as a child and the other in my twenties. I used to have big stick out ears, but I was also born without all the cartilage in my ears that give your ear it’s curves and shapes. I was teased at school and as a result had surgery to pin my ears back when I was in primary school. Sadly the surgery was not that great and the result was never something I was happy with and I continued to be self conscious about them into my twenties. So I finally bit the bullet and sought out a plastic surgeon for another opinion. He agreed my surgery as a child was not great and he was suspicious of the techniques used back then. He assured me he could improve upon what I had but realistically told me I wouldn’t have perfect ears. That was good enough for me and I had the surgery and the result was great and gave me confidence and I stopped hiding my ears. Would I ever have any other plastic surgery……..for corrective purposes if there was an issues yes most likely. #nichebloggers


    1. It seems you made the right choice for you, your body and your confidence, I think you are brave and awesome!


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