Portable Magic


Is there such a thing as ‘magic’? Real life magic? What is magic anyway? I guess there is the supernatural magic, dark or white. Then there is the kind of magic you would see at a circus. My children still believe in a magical world where the tooth fairy leaves sparkles all over their pillows and in their hair, and don’t forget a shiny coin. They believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, and they believe they can wish upon a star and it will come true. 20141223_Books_0026_1

What about the magic of happily ever after? Do our childhood fairy tales come true? Do we grow up and find Prince Charming? Do we find a magical tree in an enchanted wood where we can make friends with a strange moon faced creature, fairies, brownies and the saucepan man?

Magic to me is being taken to an enchanted world where anything is possible. Where I can explore and pick raspberries off bushes all throughout the year, or grow wings and soar above the ocean like a bird. There is only one way for this magical world to open itself up to me and that is the magic of imagination!Flying_seagulls_DSC_0932

Imagination is captivating, it is spellbinding and enchanting, it is purely hypnotic! So yes, to me magic is real, it lives inside every one of us, it is put simply another name for imagination.

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This is why a child finds it easy to believe in fairies, elves, witches, unicorns and the ability to find the a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, because as children our imagination is alive and free of real world grown up issues (we hope). A child reads a book and believes that magic is possible, they can sense it and imagine it, they can almost reach out and touch it!

This is why I love writing! When I am working on my book my imagination comes to life on a page and I can share it with others. My characters become real, places and events unfold and come to life and to me that is creating magic. My own personal magic, the kind that I can share, yet no one can take away from me.

I love books. I love creating my own stories, my mind is full of them, and I love reading other peoples books, sharing a piece of their imagination and their magic! Books are a gift, they take us to places we wish we could go, or expose us to new worlds we would never dare enter in real life. Books are a portal into the past or the future, or perhaps into another universe altogether. In that case, as Stephen King’s quote above says “Books are uniquely portable magic.

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Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

Some portable magic I have enjoyed




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