Just saying the word for me conjures up feelings of peace, before I knew what Namaste meant I still felt at peace when I would use this word. So I will begin this post with bowing to you and saying



Such a beautiful sentiment. These words, the meaning behind the word Namaste applies to the life with live whether we practice yoga, or not.

Welcome to this weeks “Wellness Wednesday” post, this week I have chosen to be led by the word “Yoga.

Picture this, I sit right now in a big white chair, legs curled up underneath me and laptop on my knees, I type away by an open window on a warm Summer’s evening, a beautiful fresh breeze blowing on me, the sound of crickets starting to hum their evening song as the birds settle into Gum trees surrounding my home to rest their weary heads for the night. The sky is orange, pink and gold, like a painting on a canvas every stroke comes from love. I take a moment and stop typing and just listen, just breathe . . . . . . . just be.

DSC_0105_tonemapped (Large)Tonight’s sky

My yoga mat sits rolled up on my floor and to be honest it has sat that way for a while. It misses me, and I miss it, I can offer excuses, but I wont.

Yoga is a personal journey an exploration of oneself, it is exercise for your body and your mind, it is a place to be grateful, to love, to find grace, and a place to trust yourself. It is a challenge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is an opportunity to breathe, and reflect.

I may not always practice my yoga as I should physically, but its mental presence is with me, it is part of me. Just today I was playing music and out of nowhere my 5 year old asked me

is Zen music animation?”

First of all I was surprised by him saying animation, secondly I wondered what made him ask this question, I didn’t have my ‘Zen’ music on. My 7 year old answered for me,

no Zen music is real!”

What I sat back later and reflected on was how much Zen, Yoga and Meditation has  become part of their lives. I love that they can stop and appreciate a moment,Erskine_falls_kids_DSC_1036

how as a family we can walk through the forest and stop just to notice a bird, an unusual tree branch, Erskine_falls_mossy_tree

dew drops on a leaf, the amazing sights of nature.Erskine_falls_funghi_tree

Our daily lives can be so busy, so full of electronics, and homework and rushing to after school activities, but when we stop, be silent, listen to our breath, or feel the breeze, we can hear our inner voice, that is when I can hear the Reflections From Me. Erskine_falls_waterfallTweet me: “I care for your heart, you care for mine, together we unite in peace for all the hearts on earth”

I need to roll out my yoga mat, I do, and I will.


I bow to you

we are one




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I would like to take a moment to thank Maureen and Rina the hots of ‘Wellness Wednesday’

I am truly honoured to be part of your Link Up.

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