Midlife crisis

Hmm is that a grey hair? Can’t be, I mean there is NO way I could possibly have a grey hair! Confession time . . . That was years ago, grey hairs have now taken up residence in my gorgeous brown hair in ever increasing numbers, but I won’t let those grey hairs beat me, oh no WATCH OUT greys, here comes the hair dye! HUH TAKE THAT! If only I didn’t have this battle every six weeks! I held out as long as I could I was 36 before I dyed my hair, but I can no longer put up with those pesky greys, “BE GONE” I say! Now this little girl below captures perfectly how I felt when I saw my first grey hair. Dolly-Dearest-Denise-Crosby-13

How does this grey hair look so good?


Well obviously she must dye it that grey, no way that’s natural. And how is it that men are hot with grey hair? I mean look at George Clooney!george_clooney_with_a_puppy-138

Have you looked at your hands lately, I mean really looked at them, go on I dare you! I was looking at my hands the other day next to Aspens (she is 10), her hands are so pretty, mine need constant expensive hand cream to look half as good as hers. Ahh youth where did it go, it is hard to believe I have been out of high school for 20 years! Oh how I loved school, but would I want to be 18 again? Heck NO! I love my life now, I love being in my 30’s, not having to dye my hair every six weeks would be awesome, I am not denying that, but the wisdom, the feeling like I have finally found my calling, being a mum, being Mac, I wouldn’t give all that back to look 18 again. Perky boobs be gone, I’d rather wear my bra and be who I am nowfunny-quotes-about-mid-life-crisis-3

What about our men? What about my man? The reason I sat down to right this is because this morning I joked with my husband about how in a few months, OK warning this may be too much information!!!!! Sorry babe, but I joked that I would be having sex with a 40 year old, well not a joke so much as a statement, and then it hit me OMG what if he has a midlife crisis?! What if he gets all freaked out about turning 40 and goes nuts! I told him this and he looked me straight in the eye and said,

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I ordered my new convertible last week!

Luckily I knew he was joking as he has a thing against convertibles. But it’s not the thought of him buying a convertible that freaks me out, I would be more worried if he said he was leaving me to run off with some bendy chick from Cirque du Soleil. He assures me he still only has eyes for me. hoop_2101008b


What is it that freaks us out about our age? When we are 20 we think 30 is old, we say things like “by 30 I will be married, I will have X amount of kids, I will have travelled and have the most awesome career and a big fat pay check every week!” If we get to 30 and this “stuff” hasn’t happened we freak out, so if it hasn’t happened by 40 we feel like failures. We usually celebrate quite happily when we reach 16, 18 and 21, but then the freak out starts. 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on, I wonder if we start celebrating again in the latter years, like surely if I reach 90 I am going to want a kick arse party that tops my 21st by a mile to celebrate that! Right? I’ll blog about it when I get there!

Now this is an obvious statement, but I am not a man, so what freaks them out who knows, I don’t begin to understand the workings of the male mind, I am still baffled by the female race and I am one, but I guess it is similar, they have goals, they have expectations on what the “should have” achieved by a certain age. We all put pressure on ourselves, and are often our own worst enemies.my-doctor-says-he-thinks-i-m-having-a-mid-life-crisis-i-was-so-surprised-i-nearly-fell-off-my-skateboard-148

So what if you haven’t made your first billion, or don’t own that fast car worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars, or a private jet, celebrate all that you have achieved, celebrate the lessons you have learned, and enter your future with a positive attitude, life doesn’t stop at 40, it begins! It is a new era, a new day, a time to get rid of those old goals and embrace new ones and this goes for women and men out there.


Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx 2015-01-12_17-32-00




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