everlasting love, isn’t that the fantasy?

Endurance, standing the test of time, everlasting love, isn’t that the fantasy? Isn’t true love supposed to stand strong when it endures life’s storms? Isn’t that the dream? This is what I think of when I see this image, I see a padlock with rust, it is not perfect, it is not new, it has endured wind, rain, lightning strikes, the hottest of the sun’s rays burning down upon it and there it stays clipped onto this wire, holding strong, laughing at the storms, and yelling in mother natures face “bring it on, you can’t break me!” Around it sit more padlocks also holding strong, clipped there by lovers, sweethearts holding hands, kissing passionately on the streets full of desire, dreams and fantasies of everlasting love filling their minds and hearts.

It is a nice idea, the Love Locks that are locked onto bridges and gates around the world, keys tossed away, a symbol of unbreakable love, but can love last, can it weather storms? Should it weather them? Many couples from my Grandparents generation stayed together no matter what, these days if a marriage isn’t working people get divorced, just under half of all marriages end in divorce, the median average from marriage to divorce is 12.1 years, when I saw that I was glad we are almost at 13 years (1 month away). So is it a bad thing that divorce is so common, or is it in fact a good thing? Yes more couples stuck it out back in the 1940’s but were they happy? Would some couples have been better off if they had divorced?

I have never experienced divorce and pray I don’t have to, I am so in love with my husband, we are very happy, but I have been in relationships with other men before I met my husband, and those relationships were not right for me, in fact one was pretty horrible. What if I had married one of them, would I have stayed because we took vows? Should people stay in a marriage that doesn’t make them happy? In my opinion No they shouldn’t. People shouldn’t stay with someone who is abusive, emotionally or physically, people shouldn’t stay with someone who treats them disrespectfully, or crushes their dreams and ambitions. I believe in fighting for marriage and in holding on tight when the rough weather hits, I believe in counselling and commitment, I believe that vows are sacred, but I also believe that some situations are not worth suffering through for the rest of your life just because you put a Love Lock on a bridge way back when all was sweet when you first fell in love.

Love is a leap of faith, it is diving into the unknown and trusting yourself to handle what ever will come your way. Love is courage to be ourselves, to be our own truth and to share that with our lover, to bare all we are, all our faults, scars and mistakes and hold our head up high. Love is willing to share, to show compassion, to honour all that it touches. Love is respect, love is understanding, love is equality.

Love is not fear, it is not conceited, it is not unfaithful. Love does not willingly cause pain, love does not lie. Love should not be hurtful or spiteful, it should not control you or crush your spirit. Love does not withhold itself from you, it should not endanger you, and love should never take without giving back.

Write or Die Wednesdays


You ask me now to leap with you

to dive into a future unknown

to hold your hand

whatever may come

plunge into the waters below

you tell me I have nothing to fear

because you are here

and you will be there

when we sink

when we resurface

you will still take my hand

and you still will love me

as the waves consume us

as they crash upon us in the storms

and  when the waters calm

and the sun sparkles like diamonds upon the sea

you will still hold my hand

beneath the sea and above the sea

you will always love me

I am yours

you are mine

so yes I will stand with you here on the edge

I will take your hand in mine

I will take a leap of faith

12248069414_d8c169f3f7_z (1)


Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

This post was written from a prompt I received from Write or Die Wednesday

A special thank you to R & A Judge for allowing me to share their wedding photograph (taken by Reflections Photography)

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