A witch on her broomstick


I never liked Alice in Wonderland as a child, to be honest it kind of freaked me out. I actually have never brought the book for my children, so I haven’t read it for a long time. Obviously it is an extremely popular book, but all I recall is a freaky cat, a really mean scary queen, oh and Alice falling down that hole.

As a child I was easily scared, I was actually telling a friend today how I had a witch hanging in my room when I was little, maybe 6 or so, yes a witch! She was on her broomstick, apparently she was a “good” witch, and maybe I had said I liked her, I mean why else would my mother hang a witch in my room? I assure you she did love me! Still does, and now she doesn’t hang witches in my room any more I assure you. I was totally freaked out by this witch, so much so I couldn’t even stand being in my room (even though my sister slept in the room with me). I was so afraid to go to sleep, I mean what if this witch turned nasty? What if she came and attacked me, or murdered me in the night? (I had a vivid imagination clearly, but in my defence there was a WITCH in my bedroom)!

Each night I would come out of my room, and take the walk down what felt to me was a long hallway (probably a few steps), I would peer around the corner of the living room and say,

I need a tissue.”  Tissue given, back to bed I reluctantly walked.

I need a drink of water.” Water given, back to bed I grudgingly shuffled.

I need to go toilet!” Toilet trip, back to bed sadly I ambled.

My big brothers still tease me about this, it’s kind of a family joke. My parents grew frustrated, and for good reason. I now receive the payback, I mean it is after 9pm here and my 10 year old is still coming out of bed for whatever reason. Karma.

Now the simple solution would have been to tell my parents to take down the damn freaky witch! But little Mackenzie didn’t do anything the “simple way“! Oh no, I was afraid if I told my parents I was in fact terrified of her that the witch would kill me for sure! Yep vivid imagination!

Now I guess as a writer that “vivid imagination” comes in handy for my novels, but as a child it was a bit of a burden. On me and clearly on my parents! But still what were they thinking??? A witch seriously Mum?

I also hated and still hate Charlie and the chocolate factory, FREAKY. Even my nephews tease me about this.

I am a big fan of Enid Blyton, I loved the Famous Five, and I read the Enchanted Wood series over and over, and the Wishing Chair books. I still have my original copies, I now share them with my children. I still recall the Christmas I received the set of Enchanted Wood books, my mother (who loves me), had them professionally wrapped at a fancy store. They sat under the tree for weeks, I could feel they were book, but what books I did not know. The had shiny paper with holly on it and the most beautiful ribbon. On the top were sprigs of holly. It looked breathtaking. (Maybe that’s why I named my puppy Holly)?

It is truly amazing when you look at one image and then just get carried away typing random thoughts and memories. I guess with that over active mind that little girl with the vivid imagination was destined to become a writer. 

Random thought . . . .I wonder where that witch is today?

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

I would love to hear your thoughts, what are your favouite childhood books? Where you scared of any books or toys? Let me know, comment below, and if you enjoyed this blog post feel free to sign up to recieve my future posts to your email. Have a great day, Mac xx

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The above picture was a prompt from Write or Die Wednesday I looked at this picture and let it lead me.

Where would it lead you?



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