Would you consider going under the knife?

I want to have a body like Salma Hayek and maybe Lily Collin’s nose, or hang on Rachel Mcadams has a cute nose, I wonder if I would look better with bigger boobs, or maybe a little more junk in my trunk (meaning a rounder fuller butt). How do I get hair like Megan Gale??


I was in a meeting recently with a group of women and when it ended we got chatting about botox, some admitted they had tried it, others that they are tempted. For me it was always something I would never do, but as they say never say never. Would I? Wouldn’t I?

Welcome to this weeks Wellness Wednesday, the prompt I have chosen this week is . . .

“Would you consider going under the knife for better figure? Why?”

Scoops of Joy

I always wondered why anyone would be willing to go ‘under the knife’ simply to look better, or hotter, but I guess it’s easy to think that way when you are in your twenties with perky boobs that don’t even require a bra to stay up, a flat stomach void of stretch marks, and no wrinkles in sight. Now approaching 40 and living a crazy busy life, those wrinkles are starting to appear, along with these super attractive bags under my eyes, and it makes me question whether I would consider having work done on my face to look “better”? I guess my attitude isn’t so black and white any more, (gosh why does it feel embarrassing admitting that)?

OK confession time, I am the worlds biggest scardey cat, I hate pain, I actually question whether I have extra nerve endings! Is that even possible? So me willingly volunteering myself for pain, and actually paying a fortune for the pleasure of that pain, um let me think? Actually no I don’t even need to think, I just couldn’t do it, even if I really wanted to. Of course botox is different to going under the knife, it is more a needle. Needles don’t bother me so much, but I guess my wrinkles aren’t bad enough to make me want to temporarily paralyse my facial muscles, not yet anyway.

I believe there are healthy and unhealthy reasons to go ‘under the knife’, and a lot of soul searching should take place before making your decision. Any surgery comes with risks, and not just medical risks, but serious emotional risks too. We have all heard the horror stories of burst breasts and collapsing noses, and we have seen successful results pasted across magazine covers too. I have heard women say that they went in asking for a small C cup only to be talked into a full D, and they end up feeling too self concious to enjoy them.

A girlfriend of mine is currently seriously considering and researching getting breast enhancement surgery, it is something she has been wanting to do for over ten years, and now she has finished breastfeeding she is keen to go ahead. Her husband doesn’t want her to, and I don’t think she needs to, but for her it is a serious body image issue. Her breasts are very small, her chest is almost flat, and I do think she has sensible reasons for wanting it done, for her it is not about wanting large breasts, or attention, it is about wanting to feel more feminine.

Plastic surgery has come a long way and most procedures performed by experienced plastic surgeons can lead to wonderful, life changing results if they are done on people who are emotionally healthy to begin with. If you have serious self-esteem or body issues then having surgery is still likely to leave you feeling dissatisfied with your body image. There is no denying the amazing work that can be done with plastic surgery when it comes to repairing injuries or deformities that once left people afraid to leave the house, surgery can literally give people back their lives. Dana Vulin was a woman in her 20’s when she was brutally attacked, she was left with burns to 60% of her body, and she almost lost her life. With hard work, a fighting spirit and the amazing work of skilled plastic surgeons Dana is now confident to show her face in public. Below are photographs of Dana before and then after the attack, followed by a photograph of her plastic surgery results




When you see these amazing results you can not argue that for some people plastic surgery has wonderful benefits. Surgery changes children’s lives too.


But there is no denying it can go too far!


If you need your breasts redone every year then some therapy may be in order, and sadly I am not joking.

I truly believe so much of it comes down to self esteem, and personal choice. If you do opt to have plastic surgery do your research, visit a counsellor, be careful when selecting the right doctor, check their licence, their references, talk to previous patients, or others who have been through the surgery so you know what to expect. Make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor, and never feel pressured to agree to anything you don’t want done.

For me right now I am happy with who I am. If I get a good sleep, drink plenty of water and commit to some exercise, then I like the way I look. I may not resemble a Victoria’s Secret model (although this doesn’t stop my hubby buying me lingerie), but I am me, and I am beautiful. I love my body because it is the story of my life.

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can you surrender control?

Sitting behind the wheel of a car, morning radio on, traffic not moving, well not moving much, people can walk faster than the car is moving, seriously was that a snail speeding past me? Oh how I cherish the day I decided to buy an automatic car with a CD player! Flashbacks of my little manual car, with the tape deck that I brought fresh out of high school (sigh), I was so sad to part with that car, (awesome memories of driving down the beach, tape blaring, friends smiling and singing loudly, a quick swim and check out some cute boys, then back to Uni), but sitting in the traffic, bunny hopping along on my way to my city job, I am glad I brought an automatic!

Yep that was my life another lifetime ago, tape decks, (my ten year old has never heard of a cassette tape), and even the days of CD’s are long gone, I remember buying another car with a CD stacker, that was cool, now it’s blue tooth and iPod connectors. I still have my CD’s, but nothing to play them on, they are literally gathering dust in my garage.

Anyway, getting sidetracked on memory lane . . . back to me in the car that was barely moving. That was my morning journey, morning after morning, like ground hog day, stuck in slow moving traffic, one of the ultimate tests in patience. Other tests in patience would be,

post office queues (seriously with online shopping those post offices are busy places, especially at Christmas)!

Waiting for public transport to arrive on time . . .



Waiting to be seen in the Emergency Department, yep unless your legs just been cut off, or blood is pouring out of your eyes, the wait is going to be a long one. (You may gather some dust).

Doctors offices are pretty awful too, I hate sitting there for an hour when I already feel like crap or I wouldn’t be there in the first place, then I am made to wait in a germ invested environment, not fun!

Supermarket lines an be pretty painful especially when the person in front of you has an item that won’t scan, (“I knew I should have picked that other line”). Oh, and the Deli queue!

Drive thru’s, (“what was I thinking? I should have gone in)!

Waiting to take off in an aeroplane, then waiting to get off when you finally reach your destination. Then add on the luggage carousel!

Oh I can’t forget waiting for your child to eat ALL his/her vegetables at dinner time!

And ladies I know you’ll feel me here, LADIES TOILETS, how long do we have to wait to powder our nose? I mean it is bad enough having to go to a public toilet and squat over the seat, let alone having to queue up for the experience of seeing peed on seats, or finding when you reach a cubicle there no damn toilet paper left!!!!! Or no soap in the dispenser, sometimes I walk out feeling violated, (I love hand sanitizer)!

There is so much in our lives that is sent our way to test our ability to be patient! Maybe these ‘little’ tests are sent our way to teach us an even bigger lesson in patience . . .? Life! Yep life, we need to be patient about waiting for the life we dream of to actually become our reality.

It takes hard work, grit and determination to get what we want in life, for most of us things aren’t normally handed to us without putting in some serious effort, but no matter how much we put in, pray for, or wish for it, sometimes things just don’t move fast enough for our liking. This is where patience comes in. I am not saying just sit around and do nothing and eventually if you are patient enough things will just fall into your lap. (Sorry to burst the bubble). What I am saying though, is that even though we are working hard toward something, a degree, a promotion, a baby, a partner, it doesn’t mean we will have it happen right when we think it should.

Patience is a hard thing at times, the reality of knowing that even though you have worked your butt off for your boss the fact that he/she gave someone else that promotion sucks! At times waiting for something can hurt really bad! Waiting to find the person to share your life with whilst everyone around you seems so happy and in love can be painful, or waiting to get over a break up, an injury or waiting for a positive pregnancy test can break your heart. Patience is not easy, but we have no choice but to deal with it, even if we want to kick it up the ****!

No matter how much we want something to happen, it is not going to happen quicker by growing impatient, tooting your horn, or sticking your middle finger up at another car isn’t going to move traffic, it’s not like you can part the traffic by swearing at someone, in reality all you achieve is causing your blood pressure to rise, therefore causing you a headache, and maybe causing others around you to get anxious that you are a mad person about to go ape**** at them. (On the bright side, I am sure that the company that manufactures paracetamol will be happy)!



Patience is a choice, it is the ability to understand that you can not control everything, it is knowing that at all we can do is set the wheels in motion to where we want to go or what we wish to achieve and then wait. As long as we are headed in the right direction we have to trust that what we are working towards can be achieved just not on our time frame, but on that of the universe. And maybe the results may not come about in the exact way we predicted.

Surrendering control is hard, trusting in the universe that can sometimes feel like is letting you down is hard too. But being patient is like giving yourself a gift, it makes you feel lighter and frees you up to see the life you are living right now as a gift. Rather than feeling like your life is on hold look around and notice the wonderful things in your life, the people, the animals, the beauty in the world around you.

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I used to sit in my car on the way to my city job and instead of getting mad I would sing at the top of my lungs to my favourite songs, and although now my life is driving down a dirt road to take my children to school, I am still singing my favourite tunes (only difference is my kids are now telling me to shush)! And if I am stuck in a queue at the checkout I just flick through a magazine I have no intention of buying, I must admit I still find the wait at the doctors annoying, (not so much the time, it’s the germs that annoy me), taking a good book helps distract me.

My advice work towards your goals, fight for what you want with a determined spirit, but be patient, take the time to notice the great things around you along the way. Be patient with life, with the people in your life, with the universe, but most of all with yourself! Remember we are not all perfect, I stumble and fall with my patience, sometimes I snap at someone because I am so tired, but I get back up, dust myself off and remember to breathe (and apologise). Try living for today, try living as you would if you had already reached your goal!

Share your thoughts below, are you a patient person?


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Today I am thankful . . .

On Monday my baby started school, OK he is not a baby, he’s 5 and a few months, but he is my baby in the sense that he is my youngest child (unless of course we count Holly the puppy). My beautiful little boy Adam ventured off for his first day at big/little school with his super sized backpack, his over sized blazer and his shiny new shoes, (how often do you see a 5 year old boy in clean shoes?) He looked adorable, I mean if I could have I would have scooped him up and eaten him he was so deliciously cute! I will write another post soon about his first week, but tonight I felt the need to let you know what I am thankful for . . .

It goes without saying that I am thankful for a gazillion amazing things, but I am not going to bore you with a massive list form A to Z of Mac’s thankful moments, but I will start at A! I am thankful for Aspen, April and Adam, my three delicious children (I promise I am not a cannibal, just in case you are starting to wonder with all my talk of my delectable children)! As I went to bed Monday night I looked at my cute Kikki K book titled “today I am thankful”, now I must admit with all my good intentions to fill it out, I don’t always do it, but each page has 3 spaces to fill in on what I am thankful for. It is a great way to focus on the good in life, and great to look back upon when you have a sucky kind of day!

So Monday night I picked it up and started to write that I am thankful for my wonderful little boy, and being there to witness such a precious moment, the moment he started school, when it hit me, like seriously hit me that I was here, as in alive and present at this amazing moment in my sons life, a moment that once I questioned if I’d ever be here to see. I felt completely overwhelmed with pure joy and elation that I had seen all three of my children start school. Why? Because when I was pregnant with Adam the doctors discovered I had a heart condition, and they feared that both myself and/or my baby may not survive the birth.

At the time Aspen was 4 and April 2, little Aspen was in kindergarten and was due to start school a few months after the baby was due. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was on bed rest, it broke my heart that I wasn’t even allowed to walk to pick Aspen up from Kinder. Aspen and April were still so young, babies really and I was scared, I was scared I wouldn’t be around to be their mum, to hold them, guide them, help them with homework, nurture them when they had their first heartbreak, be there on their wedding day, or support them during their pregnancys, and I worried what my husband would dress them in, and how he would do their hair!!!! I mean I seriously gave him clear instructions on where he had to buy their clothes!

One thought that made me sad was if I couldn’t be there to watch them head off to school. To see them in their cute little dresses with their pigtails and matching ribbons. So the other night when I picked up my journal and wrote those words, that I am thankful for seeing all three of my children start school it meant more than I can possibly express, as tears filled my eyes I felt truly thankful for being alive, for my heart holding out, for the doctors that watched over me and protected Adam and I, and for how my strong heart healed. I am so thankful that I get to do that school run everyday, that I get to see them in their adorable uniforms and see their smiles at the end of the day when they put their arms around me. It was one of those moments on Monday night where you appreciate the mundane, where you are just so incredibly grateful for the small things in life, and well just life itself!

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Midlife crisis

Hmm is that a grey hair? Can’t be, I mean there is NO way I could possibly have a grey hair! Confession time . . . That was years ago, grey hairs have now taken up residence in my gorgeous brown hair in ever increasing numbers, but I won’t let those grey hairs beat me, oh no WATCH OUT greys, here comes the hair dye! HUH TAKE THAT! If only I didn’t have this battle every six weeks! I held out as long as I could I was 36 before I dyed my hair, but I can no longer put up with those pesky greys, “BE GONE” I say! Now this little girl below captures perfectly how I felt when I saw my first grey hair. Dolly-Dearest-Denise-Crosby-13

How does this grey hair look so good?


Well obviously she must dye it that grey, no way that’s natural. And how is it that men are hot with grey hair? I mean look at George Clooney!george_clooney_with_a_puppy-138

Have you looked at your hands lately, I mean really looked at them, go on I dare you! I was looking at my hands the other day next to Aspens (she is 10), her hands are so pretty, mine need constant expensive hand cream to look half as good as hers. Ahh youth where did it go, it is hard to believe I have been out of high school for 20 years! Oh how I loved school, but would I want to be 18 again? Heck NO! I love my life now, I love being in my 30’s, not having to dye my hair every six weeks would be awesome, I am not denying that, but the wisdom, the feeling like I have finally found my calling, being a mum, being Mac, I wouldn’t give all that back to look 18 again. Perky boobs be gone, I’d rather wear my bra and be who I am nowfunny-quotes-about-mid-life-crisis-3

What about our men? What about my man? The reason I sat down to right this is because this morning I joked with my husband about how in a few months, OK warning this may be too much information!!!!! Sorry babe, but I joked that I would be having sex with a 40 year old, well not a joke so much as a statement, and then it hit me OMG what if he has a midlife crisis?! What if he gets all freaked out about turning 40 and goes nuts! I told him this and he looked me straight in the eye and said,

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I ordered my new convertible last week!

Luckily I knew he was joking as he has a thing against convertibles. But it’s not the thought of him buying a convertible that freaks me out, I would be more worried if he said he was leaving me to run off with some bendy chick from Cirque du Soleil. He assures me he still only has eyes for me. hoop_2101008b


What is it that freaks us out about our age? When we are 20 we think 30 is old, we say things like “by 30 I will be married, I will have X amount of kids, I will have travelled and have the most awesome career and a big fat pay check every week!” If we get to 30 and this “stuff” hasn’t happened we freak out, so if it hasn’t happened by 40 we feel like failures. We usually celebrate quite happily when we reach 16, 18 and 21, but then the freak out starts. 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on, I wonder if we start celebrating again in the latter years, like surely if I reach 90 I am going to want a kick arse party that tops my 21st by a mile to celebrate that! Right? I’ll blog about it when I get there!

Now this is an obvious statement, but I am not a man, so what freaks them out who knows, I don’t begin to understand the workings of the male mind, I am still baffled by the female race and I am one, but I guess it is similar, they have goals, they have expectations on what the “should have” achieved by a certain age. We all put pressure on ourselves, and are often our own worst enemies.my-doctor-says-he-thinks-i-m-having-a-mid-life-crisis-i-was-so-surprised-i-nearly-fell-off-my-skateboard-148

So what if you haven’t made your first billion, or don’t own that fast car worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars, or a private jet, celebrate all that you have achieved, celebrate the lessons you have learned, and enter your future with a positive attitude, life doesn’t stop at 40, it begins! It is a new era, a new day, a time to get rid of those old goals and embrace new ones and this goes for women and men out there.


Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx 2015-01-12_17-32-00



everlasting love, isn’t that the fantasy?

Endurance, standing the test of time, everlasting love, isn’t that the fantasy? Isn’t true love supposed to stand strong when it endures life’s storms? Isn’t that the dream? This is what I think of when I see this image, I see a padlock with rust, it is not perfect, it is not new, it has endured wind, rain, lightning strikes, the hottest of the sun’s rays burning down upon it and there it stays clipped onto this wire, holding strong, laughing at the storms, and yelling in mother natures face “bring it on, you can’t break me!” Around it sit more padlocks also holding strong, clipped there by lovers, sweethearts holding hands, kissing passionately on the streets full of desire, dreams and fantasies of everlasting love filling their minds and hearts.

It is a nice idea, the Love Locks that are locked onto bridges and gates around the world, keys tossed away, a symbol of unbreakable love, but can love last, can it weather storms? Should it weather them? Many couples from my Grandparents generation stayed together no matter what, these days if a marriage isn’t working people get divorced, just under half of all marriages end in divorce, the median average from marriage to divorce is 12.1 years, when I saw that I was glad we are almost at 13 years (1 month away). So is it a bad thing that divorce is so common, or is it in fact a good thing? Yes more couples stuck it out back in the 1940’s but were they happy? Would some couples have been better off if they had divorced?

I have never experienced divorce and pray I don’t have to, I am so in love with my husband, we are very happy, but I have been in relationships with other men before I met my husband, and those relationships were not right for me, in fact one was pretty horrible. What if I had married one of them, would I have stayed because we took vows? Should people stay in a marriage that doesn’t make them happy? In my opinion No they shouldn’t. People shouldn’t stay with someone who is abusive, emotionally or physically, people shouldn’t stay with someone who treats them disrespectfully, or crushes their dreams and ambitions. I believe in fighting for marriage and in holding on tight when the rough weather hits, I believe in counselling and commitment, I believe that vows are sacred, but I also believe that some situations are not worth suffering through for the rest of your life just because you put a Love Lock on a bridge way back when all was sweet when you first fell in love.

Love is a leap of faith, it is diving into the unknown and trusting yourself to handle what ever will come your way. Love is courage to be ourselves, to be our own truth and to share that with our lover, to bare all we are, all our faults, scars and mistakes and hold our head up high. Love is willing to share, to show compassion, to honour all that it touches. Love is respect, love is understanding, love is equality.

Love is not fear, it is not conceited, it is not unfaithful. Love does not willingly cause pain, love does not lie. Love should not be hurtful or spiteful, it should not control you or crush your spirit. Love does not withhold itself from you, it should not endanger you, and love should never take without giving back.

Write or Die Wednesdays


You ask me now to leap with you

to dive into a future unknown

to hold your hand

whatever may come

plunge into the waters below

you tell me I have nothing to fear

because you are here

and you will be there

when we sink

when we resurface

you will still take my hand

and you still will love me

as the waves consume us

as they crash upon us in the storms

and  when the waters calm

and the sun sparkles like diamonds upon the sea

you will still hold my hand

beneath the sea and above the sea

you will always love me

I am yours

you are mine

so yes I will stand with you here on the edge

I will take your hand in mine

I will take a leap of faith

12248069414_d8c169f3f7_z (1)


Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

This post was written from a prompt I received from Write or Die Wednesday

A special thank you to R & A Judge for allowing me to share their wedding photograph (taken by Reflections Photography)

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Just saying the word for me conjures up feelings of peace, before I knew what Namaste meant I still felt at peace when I would use this word. So I will begin this post with bowing to you and saying



Such a beautiful sentiment. These words, the meaning behind the word Namaste applies to the life with live whether we practice yoga, or not.

Welcome to this weeks “Wellness Wednesday” post, this week I have chosen to be led by the word “Yoga.

Picture this, I sit right now in a big white chair, legs curled up underneath me and laptop on my knees, I type away by an open window on a warm Summer’s evening, a beautiful fresh breeze blowing on me, the sound of crickets starting to hum their evening song as the birds settle into Gum trees surrounding my home to rest their weary heads for the night. The sky is orange, pink and gold, like a painting on a canvas every stroke comes from love. I take a moment and stop typing and just listen, just breathe . . . . . . . just be.

DSC_0105_tonemapped (Large)Tonight’s sky

My yoga mat sits rolled up on my floor and to be honest it has sat that way for a while. It misses me, and I miss it, I can offer excuses, but I wont.

Yoga is a personal journey an exploration of oneself, it is exercise for your body and your mind, it is a place to be grateful, to love, to find grace, and a place to trust yourself. It is a challenge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is an opportunity to breathe, and reflect.

I may not always practice my yoga as I should physically, but its mental presence is with me, it is part of me. Just today I was playing music and out of nowhere my 5 year old asked me

is Zen music animation?”

First of all I was surprised by him saying animation, secondly I wondered what made him ask this question, I didn’t have my ‘Zen’ music on. My 7 year old answered for me,

no Zen music is real!”

What I sat back later and reflected on was how much Zen, Yoga and Meditation has  become part of their lives. I love that they can stop and appreciate a moment,Erskine_falls_kids_DSC_1036

how as a family we can walk through the forest and stop just to notice a bird, an unusual tree branch, Erskine_falls_mossy_tree

dew drops on a leaf, the amazing sights of nature.Erskine_falls_funghi_tree

Our daily lives can be so busy, so full of electronics, and homework and rushing to after school activities, but when we stop, be silent, listen to our breath, or feel the breeze, we can hear our inner voice, that is when I can hear the Reflections From Me. Erskine_falls_waterfallTweet me: “I care for your heart, you care for mine, together we unite in peace for all the hearts on earth”

I need to roll out my yoga mat, I do, and I will.


I bow to you

we are one




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Scoops of Joy

A witch on her broomstick


I never liked Alice in Wonderland as a child, to be honest it kind of freaked me out. I actually have never brought the book for my children, so I haven’t read it for a long time. Obviously it is an extremely popular book, but all I recall is a freaky cat, a really mean scary queen, oh and Alice falling down that hole.

As a child I was easily scared, I was actually telling a friend today how I had a witch hanging in my room when I was little, maybe 6 or so, yes a witch! She was on her broomstick, apparently she was a “good” witch, and maybe I had said I liked her, I mean why else would my mother hang a witch in my room? I assure you she did love me! Still does, and now she doesn’t hang witches in my room any more I assure you. I was totally freaked out by this witch, so much so I couldn’t even stand being in my room (even though my sister slept in the room with me). I was so afraid to go to sleep, I mean what if this witch turned nasty? What if she came and attacked me, or murdered me in the night? (I had a vivid imagination clearly, but in my defence there was a WITCH in my bedroom)!

Each night I would come out of my room, and take the walk down what felt to me was a long hallway (probably a few steps), I would peer around the corner of the living room and say,

I need a tissue.”  Tissue given, back to bed I reluctantly walked.

I need a drink of water.” Water given, back to bed I grudgingly shuffled.

I need to go toilet!” Toilet trip, back to bed sadly I ambled.

My big brothers still tease me about this, it’s kind of a family joke. My parents grew frustrated, and for good reason. I now receive the payback, I mean it is after 9pm here and my 10 year old is still coming out of bed for whatever reason. Karma.

Now the simple solution would have been to tell my parents to take down the damn freaky witch! But little Mackenzie didn’t do anything the “simple way“! Oh no, I was afraid if I told my parents I was in fact terrified of her that the witch would kill me for sure! Yep vivid imagination!

Now I guess as a writer that “vivid imagination” comes in handy for my novels, but as a child it was a bit of a burden. On me and clearly on my parents! But still what were they thinking??? A witch seriously Mum?

I also hated and still hate Charlie and the chocolate factory, FREAKY. Even my nephews tease me about this.

I am a big fan of Enid Blyton, I loved the Famous Five, and I read the Enchanted Wood series over and over, and the Wishing Chair books. I still have my original copies, I now share them with my children. I still recall the Christmas I received the set of Enchanted Wood books, my mother (who loves me), had them professionally wrapped at a fancy store. They sat under the tree for weeks, I could feel they were book, but what books I did not know. The had shiny paper with holly on it and the most beautiful ribbon. On the top were sprigs of holly. It looked breathtaking. (Maybe that’s why I named my puppy Holly)?

It is truly amazing when you look at one image and then just get carried away typing random thoughts and memories. I guess with that over active mind that little girl with the vivid imagination was destined to become a writer. 

Random thought . . . .I wonder where that witch is today?

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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The above picture was a prompt from Write or Die Wednesday I looked at this picture and let it lead me.

Where would it lead you?



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